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Here's another interview I did with Rie McGaha. Hope you enjoy.

Monday, February 15, 2010

To Save Emmy by Patricia Pellicane
Title: To Save Emmy

Release Date: February 15, 2010

Author: Patricia Pellicane

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Publisher: Total-e-bound

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Genre: historical erotica


She wanted the one thing he couldn't give.

It was only a favor, after all, but Nick couldn't believe his best friend could ask him for that.
Lady Emily Redford has asked her best friend for pointers on how to make love. He is astonished at the request. Why ask him? She is recently widowed. Why doesn't she know?
Emily explains she is about to take on a completely new lifestyle. She will be taking lovers. Horrified, he asks why not simply marry again? Only Emmy isn't interested in the holy state. Nick is aghast upon realising not only is she about to take lovers but her first is the worst rake in all of London.
Nick cannot allow it. He must save her from herself, but who will save him?

Welcome Patricia, it’s nice to have you here. What is your Sizzling Release?

Thanks for having me, Rie. My newest title is To Save Emmy and believe me this one really does sizzle!

What is To Save Emmy all about?

The story is about a young widow who is sick of her prim and proper lifestyle. She wants to live before it’s too late and she means really live!

Her best friend Nick is an eligible bachelor. He has a mistress and thinks nothing of it. Emmy wants at least as much. She’s willing to sacrifice almost anything to get it. Emmy is planning an affair with a rogue. One problem, the man she married preferred boys to her. She’s still a virgin. Emmy never told a soul, but is sure to be found out if she doesn’t do something about it and quick. She asks Nick to do her a favor. She’s to meet the man at the end of the week. She needs his help.

Nick is horrified. Why would she want lessons in the art of lovemaking from him? She was married. Doesn’t she know?

What was your inspiration?

Most of the time when I’m doing dishes, the most boring job in the world, the ideas just come. Nothing that I know of inspired me this time. Just letting my thoughts go.

Why historical erotica? What’s the draw?

I don’t know. I just love history. I’m sure I’d hate it if I had to live in an era where there’s no electric, no phones, TV or cars, along with doctors that know little more than nothing and no meds. Still there’s a certain romance about it that defies logic.

Tell me, what was your reaction when you received your very first contract to be published?

My very first was a blast. My house was, as always at that time, filled with people. There was my husband, five of my six kids, my sister and her little boy. He was about three. I got a phone call from my agent at the time. Actually it was from Mary lee. She worked for my agent and since then we’ve become good friends. She tells me there was a bid on my book. Now she said bid instead of offer because the agent worked primarily with script writers and when they get an offer it’s from a producer and called a bid, which holds the work for a year, etc, etc.

So there’s a racket in the background when I answer the phone. Far be it for anyone in my family to shut-up when someone’s on the phone! Somehow I heard what she said. My blood is pumping like I’ve run a mile in 10. I can hardly hear. So real politely I say, “Oh, could you hold on for a minute?” I didn’t wait for her answer. I put my hand over the part you talk into and screamed out, “I got a bid on my book!”

Total silence. Then everyone started yelling at the same time. My kids are dancing. My sister runs out and buys champagne. She’s back in seconds or minutes, I have no idea. Everything was a blur. So I get back on the phone and Mary Lee is laughing. To my embarrassment she says, “Do you know if you cover the part of the phone you talk into and scream loud enough you can be heard through the ear piece?” So that was my class act reaction to my first acceptance. Since then I’ve managed to calm down a bit.

How did you celebrate?

We celebrated by drinking champagne. I don’t like it too much so I switched to my regular cognac along with a hot cup of coffee. No cooking that night. We ordered out. My husband doesn’t drink at all, so what was left in our glasses wasn’t noticed…by us. Can’t say as much for my kids or my nephew. They had themselves a party and I never noticed the glasses were suddenly empty, until my sister’s little boy couldn’t stand up and kept smiling, sorta like he was drunk. Duh.

Terrible parents. My only excuse was I was delirious with excitement.

Later that week we went out to a nice restaurant. No kids, and nobody got drunk.

Now for some fun stuff! February is the month for lovers. What do you and your SO do for Valentine’s Day?

We go out to dinner. Not necessarily on Valentine's Day, if it’s a workday, but the following week-end and top off the evening with something private, but very nice. And I’m not telling you what.

Seriously, do you think chocolates and flowers are the way to a woman’s heart?

God, chocolates sure are. You can give me rag weed tied in horse hair, if you give me chocolate covered caramels with it.

What would be your ultimate Valentine’s Day?

Did you get a look at the cover for Sophie’s Pleasure? Lord help us! How about a little time with that guy? And it doesn’t much matter what we do as long as we do it while he’s dressed like that!

Milk chocolate or dark?

Milk and creamy delicious. Symphony bars are excellent, but now made in Mexico. That’s a pet peeve. No more buying from American companies who bring their manufacturing out of the country. Ghirardelli chocolates, Dove, I could go on but I’m gaining weight as I speak.

Thank you so much for joining me! Any last comments you’d like to add?

Just like to let everyone know, Happy Birthday Baby is coming out in March from Total-e-bound and Heat Flash from Resplendence. Both are erotic historicals.

Thank you Rie

Hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day and happy reading.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Sophie's Pleasure by Patricia Pellicane

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