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Private Party

Jenna glanced at the clock as she left the bedroom, her silk robe felt luxurious as it swirled over her bare legs. Five minutes and he’d be home. All was ready.
The kids were at her mothers. She was wearing only her silk robe. Appetizers sat on a small candlelit table near their bed. Their wine was cooling as it breathed, while the radio was set to a soft rock station.
Jenna watched his car pull into the drive, watched him hurry toward the house. She stood at the door and opened it as he approached. He looked surprised. “Hi Jen.” He frowned. “You’re not ready? Traffic was a bitch, we’re already late.”
“We’re not.” She said and caused him to stop at the hall closet.
“We are. You’re not dressed and we only have fifteen minutes.”
“But I am dressed. And the party won’t start until nine.”
He smiled and dropped his briefcase on the floor near the couch. “We promised Mike and Betty we’d meet them at seven, remember?”
“Wouldn’t you rather stay home tonight?”
“With you? Of course. We never get a chance to be alone.”
“We’re alone now.”
He smiled. “Right. Where are the kids?”
“At my mother’s.”
He looked at her as if seeing her for the first time and asked slowly “Are they?”
She nodded her head. “They are.”
“And?” he asked his gaze narrowing as he waited to hear what she had in mind.
“And I thought you wouldn’t mind if I cancelled dinner with Mike and Betty. We could go to the party later. Or we could have our own party.”
“If you cancel dinner, what are we going to eat?”
“I thought we could throw a steak or two on the barbeque and I’d make a salad. Would you like that?”
“I think I would,” he returned while glancing in her direction with a frown. “But what about the party?”
“Do we have to go?”
“We should.”
“I know, but suppose I got sick and couldn’t make it.”
He smiled. “Sounds good, but—“
“Or, we could be fashionably late.”
He laughed and shook his head. “Not a good idea.”
“Really and I thought it was an excellent idea.”
“I made a few appetizers to hold you over. Would you like some?”
He grinned. “What have you got?” he asked as he slipped out of his coat and hung it in the hall closet.
“Well I was thinking maybe something like this” she said as she took two steps back and leaned against the door and locked it. A moment later her robe parted, the belt hung uselessly from its loops. Slowly she began to run her hands over her naked body. She threaded her fingers through the thin strip of hair at her pussy. Gently she pulled the flesh apart and slipped her fingers inside. She made a small sound which brought Rick’s attention from his coat to her.
“Jenna, what the hell?”
When he appeared unable to go on, his gaze seemed locked on her hands and how they were moving over her, his breathing grew choppy and harsh.
She asked, “What?”
“What are you doing?”
“I’m starting our own party.”
“Jesus,” he said as he watched her fingers move over her pussy. He swallowed and cleared his throat as his cock began to harden.
“A private party,” she said. “And he’s welcome,” she added as she nodded toward his growing erection.
Rick grinned. “Is he? That’s nice to hear.”
“So what do you say? I have a tub of hot water waiting for you upstairs.”
“And then what?”
“And then a massage.” She smiled. “Don’t you think the new vice president of Bennett and Bennett deserves a massage?”
“Are you trying to tempt me, lady?”
She grinned. “Trying? I thought I was doing more than trying.”
“You are. In fact you’re doing an amazing job of tempting me.” His gaze moved to her fingers and watched her slide them inside her pussy and out again. Wet with her juices they centered on her clit. She parted her flesh and showed him exactly how hard that little pebble of pleasure had grown, how eager she was for more. “I love to watch you do that?”
“I know. That’s why I waited for you to come home before I started.”
“Should I help you?”
“No, I want to finish this after you’re in the tub. I’ll sit in the chair and let you watch. And when I’m done, I’ll give you your massage.”
“Can I lick it?”
Jenna laughed. “Licking sounds like fun.”
They were up the stairs faster than she could ever remember. He dropped his clothes near the bed and stepped out of his shoes. She pulled away his socks and he slipped into steaming water. “Oh, this feels good,” he said as he leaned back ready to enjoy the view. And Jenna knew exactly what he enjoyed most.
Music played softly in the bedroom and she poured him a glass of wine, then she began to move sensuously before him, swaying with the rhythm. And as she moved the opened robe parted, came together and parted again, every movement offering him a flash of naked flesh, leaving him almost desperate to see more.
“Jenna, I don’t want to waste it in the water,” he warned.
She laughed as she sat in the chair and raised one leg over its arm and began to play again. “So soon?”
He shrugged. “It’s been awhile.”
“I haven’t given you your massage.”
“Give it to me later. And bring the chair closer.” He shook his head. “Forget the chair. Sit on the edge of the tub where I can reach you.”
Jenna was more than happy to do as he asked. She dropped her robe to the floor. Leading to the tub were wide steps. She sat on the rim, one leg in the water, the other on the closest step, allowing for maximum exposure. Within seconds she was again hard and enjoying her own touch. She moaned a low anxious sound as her hand stopped a gentle massage and began to strum her clit like a guitar.
“Wait!” he said. “Don’t come. I need to lick it.”
She was gasping for every breath when she stopped and leaned back, offering all for his pleasure. “Do it then. Lick it.”
And he did. God, it had been awhile, but he only had to touch her for her to remember just how good he was at this. He licked and sucked and licked again. Jenna was close to losing her mind, her stomach muscles ached with yearning, twisting into agonizing knots they pulled her into the magic and with his mouth urging her on she came and came and came. Her low moans resembled agony and it was an agony of sorts as her body jerked uncontrollably against his hot, luscious mouth.
Moments later she was in the tub, kneeling over his hips, his huge dick inside her hard and aching for its own release.
“Wait, don’t move. I want to rub your shoulders a bit first.”
“Later. There are other things I’d rather you rub.”
She smiled as her hands moved under the water. “A bit anxious are we?”
“Some. Like I said before, it’s been awhile.”
Rick bit his bottom lip as he watched her face, her eyes dark as she silently absorbed the feel of him in her, against her. Her breasts bobbed upon the water’s surface. He couldn’t resist tugging her closer and bringing one rosy tip into his mouth.
“So what do you think of my suggestion?”
“About?” he asked, the word somewhat muffled as he held her breast in his mouth.
“About our private party.”
The word was muffled again but she thought he said, “Perfect.”
Jenna figured she’d ask him again, later, perhaps much later.


Kelly sighed as she approached the last house on the block. She was tired. Her feet ached. Her head as well, for the heat this afternoon was almost beyond bearing. She rang the doorbell, the handle to her satchel of cosmetics abrasive in her sweaty hand.
This was a mistake. Usually she worked only an hour or so past noon. She never should have stayed out this long. She looked a mess. Sweat had washed away most of her carefully applied make-up and left her hair limp and sticking uncomfortably to her neck. She looked anything but a salesperson for cosmetics.
A man opened the door and smiled.
Kelly smiled back, surprised to find a man home at this hour. No doubt he was either unemployed or perhaps recovering from an illness, or…Kelly breathed a deep sigh. She didn’t care why he was home. All she did care about was whether or not his wife was also at home. She’d hoped to make at least one more sale before she stopped for the day.
“You look hot and exhausted,” he said and smiled again as he opened the door wider. “I have just the thing to cool you off.”
“A portable air-conditioner?” Kelly returned less than happily. “Is your wife home?”
“I’m sorry,” she said, realizing she’d forgotten her pitch and the guy obviously hadn’t a clue as to what she was doing standing at his door. She cleared her throat and began with, “Hi, my name is Kelly and I’m from Brandi Hope Cosmetics.” Kelly glanced at and raised her satchel a fraction, clearly implying what the bag held. “Today we’re offering all new customers who spend $50.00 or more, a facial along with a month’s supply of night cream. This night cream—“
“How much for a massage?”
“Not a massage sir, a facial. And I’d give you a coupon for it. I don’t give facials myself.”
“Why not?”
Kelly sighed and blew a strand of hair from her sticky forehead. “Is your wife home, sir?”
“I have no wife.”
“Oh, well, in that case…” Kelly turned to leave, but his next words stopped her in her tracks.
“So the deal is $50.00 worth of cosmetics and I get a free facial?”
Kelly frowned. She’d never had a man interested in a facial before. Her gaze narrowed and she noticed the humorous glint in the man’s dark eyes. No one had to tell her this guy had ulterior motives.
“For your girlfriend?”
He shook his head and grinned again. “Sorry. I’ll buy the cosmetics. Make it creams and stuff like that. I’ll give it to my mother for her birthday, but I want the facial.”
Kelly shrugged. “Fine.”
“Come on in and you can show me what you’ve got.”
“One minute.” Kelly pulled out her phone, dialed a number and said, “Hey, Crissy, it’s Kelly. I’m at,” she stepped back and read the number on his house. “12583 Harrison St, in West Babylon. I’m making a sale. If you don’t hear from me in one hour you know what to do.” Kelly closed her phone and dropped it into her bag.
The man at the door grinned again. “Good thinking. You never know these days. The world is filled with nut-jobs.”
Kelly stepped into his living-room and sighed her relief as the full blast of air-conditioning hit her sweat dampened skin. “Oh God, that feels good.”
“I have a pool out back, if you’re interested.”
Her tight smile told him clearly she was not. “Where can I lay out my products?”
“My name is Jim.”
“Nice to meet you, Jim.”
“Jim Hennessey.”
Kelly nodded, her smile was growing a bit stiff and she couldn’t help but wonder if this sale was all that important. She hoped she hadn’t made a mistake.
“You’ll need to know that when we get married.”
Her gaze widened with surprise and dawning humor. “You’re right.” She laughed at his teasing and felt herself relax as she watched the twinkle in his eyes grow more pronounced. There was no menace here. Nothing to be afraid of. “Thank you for telling me. It’s always a good thing to know one’s name.”
“You welcome. But you’re acting like no one has ever asked you to marry them before.”
“It’s my first proposal today.”
He laughed a low sexy sound. “My mother’s going to love you.”
“You mean she’s going to love your gift?”
He nodded. “That too.”
Kelly grinned. The man was a devil and she couldn’t keep her low chuckle at bay.
“You’re not already married are you?”
She smiled again and shook her head.
“Use the coffee table,” he said as he cleared away magazines and two empty bottles of beer. He asked, “Boyfriend?”
“No one important.”
“Damn, how the hell lucky can a man get?”
She frowned, “Excuse me?”
“I took the day off work. Suppose I hadn’t. Suppose I missed you. Then what?”
“Then I wouldn’t have made this sale.”
“Or met the man you’re going to marry.”
“Or that either,” she said playing along, with his teasing. She sat on the couch. He pulled a chair close and sat opposite her, the coffee-table between them. The bottles and jars from her bag of cosmetics just about covered the entire table. “All right, first you start with cleanser.”
“Show me.”
She took the tube and pretended to squeeze it. “You squeeze a dollop into your palm and spread it over your face with your fingers.”
“Use me as a model. I don’t mind.”
She frowned and shook her head. “You’re supposed to do this yourself.”
“Except I’m a man and don’t know what to do. I’ve never put cream on my skin before. I’ll buy a hundred dollars worth if you use me as a model.”
Kelly sighed but figured he wasn’t asking so very much and she was making a great sale here. “Fine,” she said and he moved to sit at her side. “It’s simple, really. All you do is spread it over your entire face and wipe it off with these special pads.”
Kelly spread the cleanser over his skin, noting the fullness of his lips, the high cheek bones, the lashes any woman would kill to call her own. Now that she’d cooled off a bit, she took note of him. He was a good-looking man. She wondered why he wasn’t married, or at the very least why didn’t he have anyone special in his life?
Kelly sighed as she realized the truth of the matter. He was gay. She glanced at his feet. Every gay man she’d ever known had the cleanest socks and sneakers. Perfectly pressed jeans and always smelled as if he’d just come from a shower. He was gay all right. She breathed a sigh of disappointment. “That feels good.”
She leaned closer to wipe the cleanser away.
“You smell good.”
“It’s the cream.”
His dark eyes opened. His gaze captured hers. “No. It’s you.”
Kelly felt as if a shock of electricity had run up her arm and centered somewhere in her chest. Maybe she was wrong. Maybe he wasn’t…Oh Lord, she was in trouble. Something squeezed at her stomach, something harder squeezed in her chest. “We should stop. You get the idea.”
“Just a little more. Please.”
Kelly berated her actions. She was moving into dangerous territory and knew it. Why didn’t she insist it was enough? “This is night cream,” she said on a long deep expulsion of trembling breath. It’s heavy. You don’t need to use much.”
“How old are you?”
“Twenty three. Why?”
“I’m twenty nine. Wouldn’t you say that makes us perfect for each other?”
“I’d say I’m trying to explain how to use these products and you’re not paying the least bit of attention.”
“Oh, but I am.” His finger reached for her blouse. One knuckle hooked where the first button sat. With no effort at all it opened. “For instance, I always knew I’d marry a lady named Kelly.”
Kelly laughed. “You always knew that, did you?”
“Yep. Can’t say as how, but I knew it.”
He was adorable. Kelly knew a moment’s surprise when she almost said the words aloud.
“You know what else I know?”
“I know you smell wonderful. I’d call that paying attention.” Another button came undone. “And then of course there’s the fact that your bra is made of black lace. I didn’t know that for sure until now, but I expected it would be.”
“Why are you home in the middle of the day?” She frowned and wondered why she wasn’t stopping him as his fingers moved to the next button.
“Well, I teach middle school, so I’m off during the summer, but most days I work for my father. He owns Al’s Office Supplies in Babylon. Ever been there?”
“Sure. But why are you home?”
“I took off today. Had to wait for the air-conditioner repair man. He left a few minutes ago.”
“What do you teach?”
“Eighth grade history.”
“God, the girls must love you.”
Jim smiled. “I’m not much interested in young girls. It’s older girls that get my attention.
“Is a facial anything like this? I’ve never had one.”
She nodded. “It is except you lay down and the person giving the facial stands over you. Hot towels are involved along with soft music and a darkened room.”
“That sounds great. Are you sure you don’t give facials?”
“I have, but I’ve never had a man ask for one.”
As she spoke her blouse came completely open and he was sliding it off her shoulders, when she asked, “Do you have something cold to drink?”
Jim took a deep breath and nodded. He backed up some and said, “Promise me you won’t go anywhere.”
“Just to the bathroom. I promise.”
Moments later he spoke to her outside the door. “You all right?”
“Fine,” she said. She knew she was taking a long time and reasoned, she’d lost her mind. Women who had lost their minds had every right to take their time, didn’t they? She was standing before the mirror, naked. Slowly she wrapped a towel around her and tucked the end over her breasts. She might have lost her mind but apparently a small part of it still existed. There was no way she was leaving this bathroom stark naked.
Slowly she opened the door. Jim stood leaning against the wall, two beers in his hands. He sipped from one and said, “I was beginning to wonder if you were ever coming…” His words drifted to silence as he looked her way then choked out, “Jesus! Are you naked under that?”
Kelly took a deep calming breath. It didn’t seem to help. “I’m a little nervous.”
“How did this happen?”
“How did you get prettier since I last saw you?”
She felt herself begin to calm and smiled. “Oh you’re very good.”
“Damn, I hope not. The things I’m thinking have nothing to do with being good.”
Kelly giggled. “Your pool, is it private?”
He nodded. “Tall fence and trees, but it’s better at night. Kids stand on chairs during the day and look over them.”
She nodded. “We’d better wait then.” Like him she leaned against the wall and sipped at her beer. They stood one on each side of the bathroom door.
“I didn’t want to rush you, but I’m having a hard time standing here and watching you over there.”
She nodded in understanding. “This beer is cold. I thought I’d cool off some, but…” she pressed the cold bottle against her forehead. That was probably the root of her problem. It was either the heat or she had a fever. She’d never done anything like this before. She’d never even thought of doing anything like this before. “I think I must have a fever.”
He moved toward her and pressed his mouth against her forehead. “No, you’re hot, but I don’t think it’s a fever. I think maybe you have too many clothes on.”
Kelly laughed. “You think so?”
“You’d probably feel better if you took off the towel.”
She shook her head. “I’d better keep it on for a few more minutes.”


He had her trapped against the wall, his hands on each side of her head.
“Would you feel better if I took my clothes off?”
“Would you do that for me?”
“I’ll do anything you like.”
“It might make me feel a little better.”
Kelly knew she’d never seen a man take his clothes off faster. Within seconds he stood before her naked. Naked and gorgeous. Her gaze moved over the length of him and she smiled. “I like the way you look.”
“Good. I wouldn’t want to change anything, but if you didn’t like it, I’d have to try.”
Kelly laughed.
“Would it be all right if I peeked under this towel? Just a little?”
She smiled unable to resist the twinkle of mischief in his dark eyes. Idly she wondered how any woman had ever resisted. “A little should be all right.”
He nodded and with gentle fingers he adjusted the towel so that it opened briefly but closed under her breasts, exposing them to his view. And if the backs of his hands brushed against her softness more than what anyone would deem necessary, neither thought to complain. “Damn, but you’re gorgeous. Round and soft.” He looked up from the prize and smiled. “I really like that.”
“Thank you.”
“Do you think I could kiss you and maybe touch these?” he asked obviously referring to the two pretty breasts already filling his hands.
“Oh Lord,” she said even as she wondered how she’d managed even that, with a pulse that pounded wildly in her throat, nearly stealing her breath. “That might be dangerous.”
“Do you think so? Why?”
“Because kissing usually leads to other things and we’re going to need…“ Her words drifted to silence and then a soft moan as he nuzzled his face into the warmth of her neck.
“I have protection. Is that’s what you mean?”
She moaned her pleasure. “I like that,” she said referring to his lips drifting over her shoulder and neck.
“The way you kiss my neck.”
“I like it too. I like the way you taste.”
Kelly grinned. “It’s my cologne.”
He nodded, “Part of it. Part of it is you.”
“Do you do this often?”
“What? Kiss a woman’s shoulder?”
“No, make love to the women who come to your door.”
“You’re the first one.”
“I only moved here a month ago. Give a man some time, lady.”
Kelly laughed. “After we get married, maybe I’d better answer the door.”
“Good thinking,” he said just before his mouth came to suck, nibble and drink of her lips. He trembled as he sucked her lower lip into his mouth, his tongue running over it, absorbing all he could of taste and texture. “God, I can’t believe how good you taste.”
A moment later, his lips slid from hers, over her jaw and suddenly sucked a pink nipple deep into a furnace of heat. They moaned in unison at the sweet pleasure.
He took her beer from her hand and placed both bottles on the floor. A moment later he was kneeling before her, and the towel had somehow disappeared. His mouth was everywhere. Teasing her nipples, he bit them and with her soft, eager moans and the way she arched her body into his hungry mouth, he couldn’t stop himself from biting them again. Kelly shivered with the pain and pleasure of it.
“I can’t stop. You taste so good.”
Kelly couldn’t have loved it more. Biting and licking he worked his way down her body. Sliding to her midriff and belly, he finally found her moist, sweet heat.
“Oh God,” she groaned as his hands tipped her hips so his mouth might find easier access. She held to his shoulders, her knees as strong as jelly; she was unable to hold back her moans of delight.
She trembled, she shook, she shivered. There was no way to ease this startlingly delicious onslaught of pleasure.
Vaguely she realized fingers of tension were sliding over her belly. Tight, tighter they gripped at her muscles, squeezing as she helplessly spread her legs and pushed her hot, wet, pussy closer to the pleasure. The movement only urged him on. He growled against her as his tongue felt the first quiver of her release. In seconds he ripped open the small packet and slipped a condom over his erection. An instant later he was standing before her, his cock hard, thick and throbbing inside her, as his fingers replaced his tongue and continued stroking her to madness.
Her legs closed around his hips. Lost in the ecstasy she couldn’t distinguish aching waves of pain from pleasure and only wished she might never stop coming.
He gasped into her neck as her muscles tightened around him. Helplessly they grew tighter and loose then tighter again. He kissed her then, his mouth almost devouring her sweet heat, leaving behind the flavor of her own body as his hips pounded against her, his cock deep into her, the movement pushing her higher and higher against the wall.
There was a long, mindless, euphoric moment before Kelly realized their positions, realized she just come. She sighed softly in exhaustion, her face falling to his shoulder, her lips against his neck. She murmured a breathless, trembling, “Wow.”
He laughed in delight and forced his knees to hold her. Now that he had come they wobbled dangerously. His heart was pounding as he gasped, “What time is it?”
“You’d better call your friend, before the cops start knocking on the door.”
“Maybe later. Right now, I’m too weak to dial.”
Jim laughed. “Now,” he said as he walked them both to the coach where she’d left her bag. “We’re going to be busy later.
“You want to go to dinner? Maybe we can swim when we get back. I want to feel you, wet and slippery rubbing yourself all over me.”
“I don’t know if I’ll have the strength.”
“We’ll order in.”
“Crissy,” she said, as she sat on the couch and watched him stand before her. Her gaze got stuck for a minute on the size of his erection as he pulled away the used condom and wiped himself dry with the pads she’d left on the table to remove make-up. She looked into his amused gaze with a smile of her own. “Don’t do anything. I’m good. I’ll talk to you later.” She flipped the phone to the coach. “I need to lie down for a minute.” She was still trembling, not yet recovered from an overwhelming orgasm.
He grinned. “If you come with me, we can lay down in there.” He nodded toward a room to his right.
“Is it cool in there?”
He nodded. “The house has central air. It’s cool everywhere.”
“Thank God for William Haviland Carrier.”
Jim laughed. “Very good. As a history teacher, I’m impressed.”
Her hand moved to cup his balls, while the other playfully examined the huge delicious shaft above them. “As a woman I can truthful say, I’m equally impressed.”
He pulled her from the coach to stand before him. They started toward the bedroom, but what with the way she touched him and the way he touched her in return, and the mind-boggling kisses shared along the way, they barely made it to his bed.


Hope it brightens your day.

Joined Hands

She saw him the moment she entered the room. It had been three years, but it might have been yesterday. He looked the same, save for a few added squint lines at the corners of his eyes. And his eyes, God, they were just as dark, his mouth just as firm, just as appealing. She’d never forget that mouth and the things he could do to her with it. Her nipples hardened and she shivered with longing at the thought.
His eyes were on her. She could feel him watching her, feel it as surely as if it was a physical touch.
She dared to raise her gaze to his. They connected and held. The party, the noise, the laughter surrounding them faded into garbled, unrecognizable sounds and wavering indistinguishable forms. It didn’t matter. Her date didn’t matter. Nothing mattered, but him. Someone took her coat and she moved toward the stairs. He’d follow her, she knew. Nothing would stop him. Nothing had ever stopped him before.
She walked along the second floor hallway and entered the powder room. From her purse she took a tube of lipstick. She watched through the mirror as the door opened behind her. He stepped inside and leaned against it. She heard the lock click into place.
“Who is he?”
“Don’t ask. You’ve no right. Not after three years in Iraq and Afghanistan.”
“I’m back now.”
“For how long?”
“I’m back,” he repeated as he moved toward her. A fleeting thought occurred that she should fight him, that she shouldn’t fall into his arms. That he didn’t deserve acquiescence, but there was no resistance in her. There never could be with him.
Behind her he unzipped her black dress and she watched in silence as it fell to a silken puddle at her feet.
He sucked a lungful of air between his teeth. The long hissing sound ended with a softly grated, “Jesus.” No bra, she wore only a black garter belt and stockings. The flimsiest piece of lace he’d ever seen barely covered what he wanted most to see. His fingers were at her hips. With almost no effort he tore the fabric. His gaze held to her body through the mirror. Her panties fell uselessly to the floor.
“Turn around.”
Her lipstick clattered into the sink and she held on to the cool porcelain, only wishing it was as easy to hold to her resolve. She’d sworn he wouldn’t do this to her again. “No.”
His mouth was on her shoulder. Her head fell back. She couldn’t resist. She leaned into his hard length and groaned as his lips met the sensitive flesh where her shoulder met her neck. His hands at her breasts, his fingers played with her nipples. She shuddered. “God.”
“Turn around,” he said again.
“No,” she repeated.
He smiled as he turned her himself and pushed her against the wall. “Take off my clothes.”
His jacket and shirt soon joined her dress on the floor. A moment later both her hands were inside his opened trousers, measuring the length and width of his enormous sex, cupping his balls. Had a man ever smelled like him, felt like him? She shivered with yearning, even as she declared, “This doesn’t mean anything. I don’t want you.”
“Don’t touch me. This will be over before it starts, if you touch me.” He grabbed her hands and holding them in his he placed them high against the wall, above her head. “I’m never leaving you again. And you do want me, lady. Tell me you do.”
He released one hand and quickly made sure she was wet and ready for him. A moment later, he raised her from the floor, suspending her body upon his deliciously engorged dick.
Her free hand came around his neck and she groaned into his mouth. “Damn you, I do. You know I do.”

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The Beach House

Mac frowned and glared at his dog as a soft growl escaped her throat, “Don’t start.” He left his recliner and headed toward the pounding at his front door. The moment he opened the door a slender young woman, soaked to the skin, her black hair streamed down her back and covering half her face stumbled inside.
“Oh my God, is it a hurricane, do you think?”
The wind howled madly the ocean roared its huge, black waves crashing with a mighty roar against the rocky shoreline.
It didn’t matter that her hair blocked half her face; he’d know this woman anywhere. “How long were you out in this?” Judging by the look of her it had been sometime.
“Just a few minutes. My car got stuck at the end of the drive. She dropped her bag near the closed door and said slyly, “I wouldn’t have bothered you but the key is gone and the house is locked up tighter than Fort Knox.
Mac watched her for a long moment before saying, “You need a towel.”
“Aunt Sarah said you have a spare,” she called as he left the room only to return seconds later with two fluffy towels. One she wrapped around her hair and the other she used to dry her face. Her shirt, slacks and sneakers were soaked. A towel wasn’t going to help her with that.
“Your aunt took the spare the last time she was here.”
“Did she?” Toni’s gaze narrowed suspiciously. “Then why did she say…” her word drifted to silence as a grin teased one corner of her mouth. “Do you think she’s up to her old tricks?”
He pushed her against the wall, holding her in place with his hips. “How long has she been trying to get us together?”
She gasped as his fingers quickly disposed of the buttons of her blouse. “Over a year, I think.”
“You want me to try and break in? I could probably take out a window.”
Toni shook her head. “No, not only would everything get wet, but the security company would call the police. And Jim Wiggins wouldn’t be happy to be dragged out in this weather.”
“So, if you don’t mind, maybe I could stay here for the night.”
Mac laughed. “Mind? Me? I’d love for you to stay, but the thing is, I wouldn’t want you to get the idea that I’m easy.”
Toni giggled like a young girl, the sound surprising even her. The truth of the matter being she’d never met a man easier. But she said, “I’m sure I’d never think of you as easy.” As she spoke together they stripped away her clothes. She watched his face as each article hit the floor with a soft, squishy splat. First her wet shirt and bra, next she wiggled out of her slacks, panties and sneakers. She stood naked at last in a puddle and after a quick if barely effectual swipe at her wet form, she dropped the towel at her feet.. “This water isn’t good for wooden floors.”
Mac sucked in an unsteady breath as he watched her breasts shiver with every movement. He opened his shirt and pressed against her, warming her against him. “I don’t care.” With her arms raised over her head, he held her between the wall and his warm body. He groaned as he ran his mouth over her neck and shoulder. “Do you think it’s time to tell her?”
She sighed with pleasure as his hands moved down her arms to settle for a long moment at her breasts. She arched her back, offering him all he could take, for both their pleasure. “And watch her gloat? Are you ready to see that?”
“I hate to admit it, but she has every reason to gloat. She was right again.”
“She’ll be here tomorrow. I wouldn’t be surprised to see her first thing in the morning. You know, Aunt Sarah, she never wants to miss a thing.”
He shrugged. “By morning the storm will have worn itself out. We’ll breakfast on the back deck and simply ignore her gloating. Once she sees us we won’t have to tell her.”
Playfully she sucked his lower lip into the heat of her mouth. “Just for my own information maybe you could show me exactly what we won’t have to tell her.”

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Writing At The Speed Of Life

Here's a little gift for my fans. Hope you enjoy this free read

This is erotica. Please only eighteen or older

Making It Easy

Lizzie leaned against the bar, waiting for Jerry to fill her order, even as she wished she could slip her aching feet into a tub of hot water. As she waited, she watched the usual crowd fill up the place. Her tips would be good tonight. Saturday nights they were always good, especially the first Saturday of the month. She wished every night was Saturday night.
Lizzie turned at the boisterous sounds of five or six cowhands entering the place. She knew them. They were from the Double R ranch. Her heart stumbled and picked up a beat. She’d heard he was back. Twice he’d come to her door, but she hadn’t answered. She wasn’t about to start up again with a no-account like Jake Richards. No way was she going to waste her life. Jesus, wasn’t life hard enough? She’d have to be a fool to allow a man like that to sweet talk her back into his bed.
She turned from the bar as she watched him move toward her. “Hey, baby,” he said just before he planted a hard, possessive kiss on her lips.
Lizzie pushed him away. “Not this time, Jake. It’s not happening.”
“What’s not happening?”
“You and me. You’re not walking into my life like I saw you yesterday. It’s been more than a month since you disappeared. I don’t want a man like you.”
“Baby, I know you’re pissed.”
She laughed. “I’ll talk to you later,” she said, knowing she wouldn’t, as she took her tray and left him at the bar. “Gotta work.”
An hour later, she slipped out the back door for the sole purpose of finding a minute’s peace and quiet, without the possibility of running into Jake. The alley was dark but she could see clear enough from a street light at one end. She stood out here smoking one of the few cigarettes she allowed herself a day. “I see you still didn’t kick the habit.”
Lizzie breathed a long weary sigh. She didn’t want this. “When did you get back?”
“You know when. Why are you makin’ out like it don’t matter none.”
“Cause it don’t.”
He chuckled softly, his mouth near her ear. “You got yourself a new man, Lizzie?”
She wouldn’t move. She’d show him he had no effect on her whatsoever. “That’s none of your business.”
“Jesus,” he said moving close and moaning against the pleasure of pressing his hips to her softness. “I reckon it is. You feel good.”
“Go away, Jake. I don’t want you anymore.”
His hands at her sides lifted her so their mouths were even, pressing her between the wall and his body, her feet dangled above the ground. “I called you. I told you what happened.”
“Right. If remember correctly you said, ‘Lizzie, I gotta go. I’ll call you’.” She shot him a hard glare and flicked her cigarette away. “I can only assume where you went they had no phones.”
“You know me, Lizzie. I ain’t much for talking.”
“Far as I can tell, Jake, you ain’t much, period.”
He laughed as a wicked light flashed in his eyes. “You might be right about that. The thing is my kid sister was in trouble. She ran off with a guy. I had to find her before my father did. He was set to kill the guy. I thought I’d be back in a day or two.”
Lizzie shook her head, her mouth still tight with anger. “And? You’re telling me this, why?”
His mouth moved up the side of her neck to her cheek, lightly dusting her entire face with sweet, tiny kisses. As he kissed her he said, “Lizzie, you weren’t well. I couldn’t drag you around the country while I searched for her. I didn’t think you’d want to…” he shrugged. “You know, after the baby and all, I didn’t think. I sent you money.”
“I didn’t use it.”
His mouth hardened, as he pulled away and glared at her. “No, you got out of a sick bed and went to work instead. Damn, woman, but you surely are stubborn.”
“What happened with your sister?”
“She and Matt got married.” He shook his head. “I don’t want to talk about her.” His mouth was on hers, gentle at first, tempting as always, daring her to deny her wants. Desperate to keep her senses about her, she denied the things his kisses were doing to her.
She was gasping for her next breath by the time he finally eased his mouth from hers. “What do you want to talk about?”
He smiled. “You and me.”
She shook her head. “I needed you, Jake. I really needed you.”
“I know, but I had to find her. Jesus, my father was ready to kill the guy. We didn’t need that kind of trouble.” He was kissing her again. And somehow his mouth was sucking at her nipples, biting them gently as she moaned her pleasure. How did he do that? She hadn’t noticed him opening her blouse. Lizzie frowned as she felt her resolve begin to fade. She didn’t want to make this easy for him. He didn’t deserve easy.
His hand was under her short skirt, his fingers slid into the leg of her panties. Feeling her warm and creamy, he groaned and played with her clit teasing it, feeling it stiffen and asked, “Are you all right here?”
“I’m good,” she said on a gasp. “The doctor said not to get pregnant again for a few months.”
Jake nodded as he pulled his hand away and licked his fingers. “Jesus, you taste delicious. When do you want to get married?”
“Married? Who said I wanted to get married?”
“Lizzie, don’t be a brat.”
“You never said anything about marriage when I was pregnant.”
“Cause I didn’t want you to think I was only marrying you because of the baby. I love you, lady. Don’t you know that?”
“Jake,” she moaned as she felt his cock slide into her moist heat. Her legs slipped around his hips. “Jake,” she said again.

Time Off For Bad Behavior

The whole gang was there. Ten years after graduation and they all looked great. The men a little heavier maybe, but all of them were far better than Amanda had supposed. She was happy to see the old crowd. Most especially she was happy to see Josh again. Damn, but she shivered as she remembered the size of his cock and the things he could do with it.
They’d dated on and off during college. Nothing serious. With Josh nothing could ever be serious.
After this week-end they probably wouldn’t see each other for another ten years. And it didn’t matter. It wasn’t Josh or his dick in particular that she’d missed. It was the times she’d left behind, the times that had no place in today’s adult world. A world filled with kids and the work that attached itself to every one of them. The lessons, the homework, the endless variety of sports, the hundred parent/teacher meetings, the chores that were never done, a house in usual disarray and a husband who was long gone, thank you God. And finally her job and a boss who wanted everything that it was possible to give only to ask for more. She needed this short break, this time off, this time to play.
She missed the fun in college. The pot, the drinking to excess, even the misery when you awoke the next day so sick you swore you’d never touch another drop. And you didn’t, until the next party. And the sex. God, but she missed that most of all.
Only she wasn’t going to miss it for long. Thankfully she’d gotten her mother and sister to sit with the kids. She had one whole week to play. Quickly she counted six men and three women, including herself. Damn, but those were luscious odds. She could feel her pussy growing heavy, juicy with happiness.
She parked across the street, exited her car and walked toward the huge old house the nine of them had rented for the week. Josh saw her right away, put down his beer and met her at the bottom step to the porch. “Hey, baby,” she said as they embraced.
Darlin,” he returned as his arms came around her and brought her to press up against his hard body. “I’ve been waitin awhile for a taste of you.”
Amanda heard the wolf whistles, cat calls and laughter from the gang lounging on the porch as they kissed. She didn’t care.
“Shut the hell up, you assholes,” Josh said as he took her into his arms, carried her up the stairs and into the house.
His room was downstairs. In seconds he’d slammed the door behind them. He put her on her feet and locked the door. “You ready for me, baby?”
Amanda laughed and within seconds they both began to pull away their clothes. “I’m not about to get readier.”
He took a condom from his back pocket and threw it on the bed.
Amanda nodded toward the foil wrapped package. “How many of these do you have?”
“How many are we gonna need?”
“It’s been awhile.”
He shrugged. “I’ve got a dozen, but I’ll get more.”
Amanda grinned as she dropped her blouse, then her shorts on a nearby chair. Next, her bra and panties joined the discarded clothes. “And these?” She showed him her four inch fuck me heels. “Should I leave them on?”
Josh grinned. “They look good, but do you think you need them?”
Amanda glanced at his cock, eleven inches of pure pleasure and already standing at half mast. “I guess I don’t.”
She laughed as she moved toward the bed, pulled down the quilt and sat. Oh, water. It’s been awhile since I’ve done it on a water bed.”
“If I remember correctly it makes for good rocking.”
She was on her back, her legs spread, her fingers playing with her pussy as she waited for him. “You want it straight on, or you want to play first.”
“First I want to come like this, then fuck. After we get that’s out of the way, we can play.”
“You got it baby,” he said as he knelt between her spread thighs and watched the glistening, beckoning, pink flesh, grow even more moist and ready for him. “Damn, you always creamed up nice for me.” He grinned and added, “And for anybody else.”
“But none of them were anything like you, baby.”
He watched her play. “Want me to do that for you?”
She shook her head. “I’ll be done in a minute,” she said on a gasp.
Josh grinned as he reached one finger into her hole and played at the rim teasing her to madness. Her hand went wild. He thought he’d never seen a woman move that fast. Idly he wondered how long she could keep it up and asked as much.
“For as long as it takes,” she said brokenly as she suddenly came up on the heels of her feet and shoved her pussy toward him, her fingers madly, desperately strumming her clit and finally it was there. It hadn’t taken two minutes, but she was coming and he watched as her sweet cream seeped out of her pussy. He slipped two fingers into her hole, then into his mouth, unable to resist tasting her.
She dropped back to the bed, exhausted for the moment and smiled as he, touching no part of her but her pussy, slid his cock deep inside and brought a moan to both their throats. “Jesus, that feels good.”
“It does.”
Her legs were on his shoulders as he moved into her. “Nice,” he grated as he continued to move. “Very nice.”
He reached for her bouncing breasts and pinched her nipples. She groaned with pleasure. He pinched her again. “Can you still come when I play with these?”
“Why don’t we try it and see?”
He pinched her, grabbing the heavy globes by the nipples he jiggled them over her chest before pressing them together. All the while pinching, pinching until she thought she’d lose her mind. Harder,” she moaned and he gave her what she wanted. As his dick slammed into her, his balls slapped against her ass cheeks and his fingers pinched. It was too much. She couldn’t prevent the tremors. He hadn’t moved a dozen times and she couldn’t hold the pleasure at bay. “Damn I’m coming already.”
He grinned. “Jesus, you weren’t kidding. How long has it been?”
Amanda couldn’t respond, not when her world compressed into one irresistible point of bone-melting ecstasy, one delicious moment of exquisite torture.
It took a few minutes to calm her racing heart, and ease her breathing back to normal before she could respond. When she could she shrugged. “There’s not much time in a day to fuck when you have three kids and you’re the bread-winner and sole parent. I’m lucky to use my vibrator once a week. Most often I fall into bed at night, with sex the farthest thing from her mind.” She shrugged again “Like I said it’s been awhile.”
“You’re wasting your life away with all that work.”
She grinned. “Spoken like a typical biker. And your solution to work is…?”
“It’s too late for you. You got yourself knocked up three times. And married a dirt bag to boot.” He shook his head. “You’ll have to wait a bit before you can get out of that mess.”
Amanda laughed. “You’re right. You want to play now?”
“Now you’re talkin’.” He said as he pulled out of her flipped her over so her ass faced him. Up on her knees he teased her puckered hole. “Still tiny,” he said. “Probably tight as hell, am I right?”
He slipped two fingers into her warm, juicy tunnel, then played with her ass until he managed to slip one inside. “Ah tight. Just like I remembered.” He chuckled. “This is gonna be fun.”

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