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A Night To Remember

Patricia Pellicane

A Steamy erotic romance
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Dark and dirty, the place smelled of stale beer, expensive perfume and musty heat, the
kind only New York could offer while caught in the midst of a dozen sultry, summer
nights. The walls were uneven, old brick, the floor rough concrete. Pipes from the
heating and an obviously unused cooling system crisscross the ceiling and were left
exposed. The place looked and smelled like a cellar. It reminded Morgan of a picture she’d once seen of a speakeasy. If ever a place looked like trouble, this was it.

A door at the end of the bar opened, sending a quick slash of light over the
crowded room. Morgan glimpsed a private room, with a Vegas size poker table.
A man stepped from the room, and the door closed behind him. He stood still for
a long moment, apparently waiting for his eyes to adjust to the darkened club.
His gaze moved over the shadowy dancers behind Morgan, moved passed her
then instantly returned. A small smile teased his lips. He appeared dark, sleek and
comfortable in his Gucci suit, while his features were ruggedly male. It was an oddly
alluring combination that created a fascinating sense of rough elegance. Morgan was shocked to feel her nipples actually tingle as his gaze honed in on her.
She took a deep, shaky breath. It wasn’t as if men never looked at her. In fact,
they often did, but not like this one. Not as if they were hungry, in need of a taste,
fascinated and yet slightly surprised by the depth of their attraction. And she couldn’t
remember the last time she’d looked back with half as much interest.

He moved toward her, and Morgan’s heart picked up its beat. Her sister said
something she didn’t hear. The closer he came, the harder Morgan’s heart pounded
and the more breathless she grew. By the time he stood inches from her, she was
willing herself to take slow, easy breaths.
“Would you like to dance?” he asked as he leaned forward and spoke near her
Oh damn, she almost muttered aloud. She didn’t stand a chance





Patricia Pellicane

SKU 737-978-1-60735-860-2
Title For Her Pleasure (Erotic Gems Short) by Patricia Pellicane

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Whispers in the Dark by Patricia Pellicane

Now, tonight, it was time for her. Tonight, just this one time, she’d break free of her goody-two-shoes mold and do something thoroughly refreshing and utterly un-Annie-like.
She’d never been with another man, but she was about to change that, starting tonight. This wasn’t payback. She didn’t care enough about Charlie to hurt him. He was out of her life forever, and there was no time like the present to start living again. Her wants were simple. She breathed a sigh, her smile dangerous. She was going to love every second of filling her needs.
She walked toward the two cowboys she knew. She nodded at Matt, but asked, “How you doin’, Grady?” as she deliberately…slowly…seductively leaned full-length into the taller of the two. “How about a dance?”
Obviously surprised, he widened his gaze a bit but didn’t say a word. A second later, with his arm at her waist, he swept her onto the dance floor. He held her, a little closer than he should have. She loved it. The man had never felt harder, never smelled cleaner. How could she have forgotten the thrill of being in his arms?
“What are you doing here? Where’s Charlie?” he asked.
“Charlie who?” she returned with a slow, wicked grin. She felt free for the first time in years, as if a weight of lies had finally been taken from her. “How long have you known?”
He looked at her for a long moment before he shrugged. “What are we talking about exactly?”
She didn’t answer the question but said instead, “From day one he lied to me. You know, the longer I think about it, the more amazed I am. It takes a special kind of person to marry two women and keep one completely secret. How do you figure he managed it?”
“He managed it because she lived just over the border in Oklahoma and everyone in this town loves you. No one wanted to see you hurt.”
“They’re not going to love me after tonight.”
“Why? You’re not planning on killin’ him, are you?”
She managed a slight shrug. “I don’t care if he lives or dies, but if I ever go to jail it won’t be for a creep like him.”
“Good,” he said in obvious relief, as he tugged her just a little closer. “So what are you going to do?”
“I’m about to break out of my ‘Oh, the girl is just so sweet, isn’t she?’ mode.”
He grinned.
“And you’re in luck since you’re the first guy I saw when I walked in here.”
“In luck? How?” he asked, obviously wary.
“How long have you wanted to go to bed with me?”
His gaze widened with interest, as he said very softly, in a low tone, “Since we were fifteen.”
“Well, tonight’s your chance. I need a man as the song goes. Actually, tonight, since it’s my first time, I’m treating myself to two.”

A Woman Like You by Patricia Pellicane

SKU 685-978-1-60735-796-4
Description Now Available!
My thanks to Joyce Lamb for including, ‘A Woman Like You’, in her list of summer reads for August in USA Today. Thanks Joyce.

Editor’s comment.
“This is your best story. I loved it!!! The characterization was just perfect and the plot unfolded really nicely. Well done!!!
Michele Paulin
Editorial Director
Resplendence Publishing

The diminutive little miss stood in the thief’s path. Luckily, Jonathan Townsend lingered nearby. Had he not moved and moved quickly, she could have known serious injury. Was it his fault that he was far taller than the delicious minx? He couldn’t be held to account for the inadvertent placement of his hands, could he? In any case, her reputation was safe. No one had seen where he’d touched her. It only mattered that she’d been whisked out of harm’s way.

The entire matter could have been easily forgotten, but for a few glaring facts. Now that he knew of the lady’s lush charms, now that he glimpsed the pleasure that could possibly be his, now that he’d seen flawless skin and sparkling eyes up close, he only wanted more.

Lizzie Hampton hadn’t needed his help. Indeed, had she faced death she wouldn’t have asked for it. The boy may have hit her, but in the end it was possible she might have come from her daydream in time and stepped out of harm’s way. In any case she doubted a fall would have caused her any great injury.

He had grabbed her. Oh, the unmitigated gall! It didn’t matter that it was accidentally done. Her breast throbbed at his daring. Rather than apologize for so intimate a touch he had the impudence to bestow upon her a lazy, knowing grin, all the while pretending nothing to be amiss.

A quick, if unfeeling, thank you should surely have sufficed. In truth should she never again see this grinning oaf, Lizzie would consider herself blessed among all women.

Only fate had more in store for Lizzie. Much more indeed.
PRICE: $5.99
RELEASE DATE: 07/30/14
ISBN: 978-1-60735-796-4
CATEGORY: Historical Erotic Romance, Regency
ELEMENTS: Strong sexual content, Explicit description of intimacy, Adult language, Adult situations, Mild Violence, F/F interaction between secondary characters, Ménage sex between secondary characters, Masturbation, Mention of anal sex between secondary characters, Oral Sex.
FORMAT: E-BOOK. Zip file includes: PDF, HTML, ePub, PRC and MOBI formats

Regular Price $5.99
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The Lure of Lady Sarah by Patricia Pellicane

Just Like a Hero by Patricia Pellicane
SKU 642-978-1-60735-743-8
Title Just Like a Hero by Patricia Pellicane

Now Available!

Lexie loves her apartment. Bright, spacious, and newly remodeled, it is perfect and only a short subway ride from the city. She loves Brooklyn and her job. Lexie even loves her six elderly neighbors who’ve taken it upon themselves to watch over her. If they watch a little too closely, she can’t find fault. After all, they only have her welfare at heart. They’re so cute.

Jim Marino is Lexie’s new neighbor. Jim is a lawyer who works for the District Attorney’s office. Oddly enough, Jim doesn’t think her neighbors are all that cute. In fact he thinks them particularly annoying, especially when he and Lexie have finally gotten down to serious business on his couch, only to find themselves interrupted by firemen knocking down Lexie’s apartment door.

A delightful romance is in the offering, but a greedy landlord’s shenanigans just might bring it all to a murderous end.


PRICE: $3.99
RELEASE DATE: 02/19/14
ISBN: 978-1-60735-743-8
CATEGORY: Contemporary Erotic Romance, Suspense
ELEMENTS: Strong Sexual Content, Explicit Descriptions of Intimacy, Adult Situations, Oral Sex.
LENGTH: Novella
FORMAT: E-BOOK. Zip file includes: PDF, HTML, ePub, PRC and MOBI formats
Regular Price $3.99 Just Like a Hero by Patricia Pellicane

SKU 616-978-1-60735-707-0
Title The Marshal's Woman by Patricia Pellicane

Now Available!

All Liz Romano wanted was a peaceful week or two at a borrowed lakeside cabin. Driving into the beautiful hills of West Virginia, what she found instead was a lawman whose rugged good looks and country charm took her breath away, while his smile brought a trembling to her heart. She never thought that this dangerous relationship could lead to anything but a few stolen moments of pleasure. Once he touched her she never thought at all.

Greg Cannon, US Deputy Marshal, never imagined this drug bust would come to more than the arrest of a murderous gang. How could he suppose this pretty, little woman, in fact, the most dangerous woman he’d ever known would walk into the midst of a vicious gunfight and threaten to steal his heart?

The Marshal’s Woman

Publisher: Resplendence
Publisher URL: www.resplendencepublishing.com
ISBN/BIN: 978-1-60735-707-0
Genre: {M/F}, Contemporary
Rating: 4 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Amazon Nymph

Liz’s car breaks down, then she lands in the middle of a drug sting. Greg saves her life and is immediately attracted to her. Trying to start a relationship in the middle of finding drug dealers and protecting Liz keeps both off kilter.

The Marshal’s Woman was a fast read that throws readers right into the middle of a life and death struggle. Besides being in the wrong place at the wrong time, Liz is mistaken for someone else. Several ugly truths are also uncovered in the law enforcement arena.

Both Liz and Greg act on their attraction, but Liz wants to slow things down, even as Greg is ready to forge ahead to make things permanent. The chemistry between the two was hot.

Situations in the story are very realistic. The author did some research regarding both the law enforcement side and the drug dealers to get those bits right. Readers can expect lots of action in this story.


PRICE: $3.99
Buy it at: http://www.resplendencepublishing.com/m8/616-978-1-60735-707-0--the-marshal-s-woman-by-patricia-pellicane.html
ISBN: 978-1-60735-707-0
CATEGORY: Contemporary Erotic Romance, Law Enforcement
ELEMENTS: Strong Sexual Content, Explicit Descriptions of Intimacy, Adult Situations, Mild Violence, Oral Sex.
LENGTH: Novella
FORMAT: E-BOOK. Zip file includes: PDF, HTML, ePub, PRC and MOBI formats
Regular Price $3.99
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SKU 595-978-1-60735-686-8
Title The Lure of Lady Sarah by Patricia Pellicane

Now Available!
Lady Sarah Butler had taken yet another dare. She swore, she’d never take another. Slipping away from the throng of lust crazed men wasn’t been easy, and just as she reached her carriage, a man appeared at her side, his hand closing around her arm.

Jack Townsend, The Duke of Devonshire’s rage was so intense, he could barely speak. How had his ward found her way into this den of iniquity? In truth, it hardly mattered. Now, he’d get her away from the lusting crowd and finally into his arms.


PRICE: $2.99
Buy it at: http://www.resplendencepublishing.com/m8/595-978-1-60735-686-8--the-lure-of-lady-sarah-by-patricia-pellicane.html/
ISBN: 978-1-60735-686-8
CATEGORY: Historical Erotic Romance, Regency
ELEMENTS: Adult Content, Adult Language, Explicit Descriptions of Intimacy.
FORMAT: E-BOOK. Zip file includes: PDF, HTML, ePub, PRC and MOBI formats

Regular Price $2.99

Buy it at:

Temptation by Patricia Pellicane
Publisher: Total-E-Bound Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 55 pages


When a lady sunbathes topless, she’s apt to attract one delicious man.

After finding a lusciously tempting man in her backyard, hard-working Maggie thought it just might be time for a little R&R.

Jeremiah’s company was contracted to renovate a beautiful old mansion. Only when the time came to look the property over, he found something even better. The gorgeous lady sunbathed topless, a definite plus in any man’s book.

The attraction between them was instant and powerful, the sex incredible. But something dangerous threatens this incredible love-affair. A danger so great it could jeopardise their very lives.

Shelly’s Review:

If I could write a romance book, I’d want it to be just like this one. The hero and heroine fit together perfectly and the sex couldn’t have been written any better. If Temptation doesn’t get you purring, I don’t know what will!

Jeremiah is handsome and demanding, knows what he wants in his woman, and knows how to get her. Maggie is a little gun-shy when it comes to men, but Jeremiah seems to be pushing all her buttons in just the right way. The interaction between these two is oh-so-hot and I could hardly wait for them to get down-and-dirty again…and again!

Ms. Pellicane writes a sexy romance and I think this one is excellent! I’ll be anxiously awaiting more…please hurry!

Rated 5 Delightful Divas and a Recommended Read by Shelly!

From ROMANCE JUNKIES blue ribbon rating of 4.5 for both

Heat Lightning and Heat Wave


Abigail Willingham had boarded a train to Arizona City with the intent of attending her mother’s wedding. She hadn’t realized the danger she placed herself in by traveling alone until a stranger boldly tried to engage her in a conversation. Abby would have none of his forward attention and quickly set him in his place.

Linc Knight admired the beauty and trimly figure of the woman who was traveling by herself. He had seen firsthand her determined spirit as she managed to avoid a confrontation with a stranger. Linc knew that it was just a matter of time that she would not be able to protect herself on her long journey. He felt obligated to befriend her and protect her from unwanted attention.

Linc’s plan was disrupted when the train they traveled on derailed. He found himself pinned on top of Abby. He was unable to move, and the two ended up spending the night together.

Late in the night, Linc took it upon himself to capture Abby’s lips with his own. He was pleased to find that she welcomed his affection. As morning came, the two were rescued and went their separate ways.

With one sweet taste of Abby’s lips Linc knew he had to seek her out. Will she give Linc a chance to prove he is the man able to set her soul on fire?

HEAT LIGHTENING is one explosive western romance! Patricia Pellicane is a master when it comes to writing a western that offers a riveting plot, delightful characters, and an ending that will leave you breathless. Commit this author’s name to memory if you enjoy taking a trip back to the old west for there is no other that can write in such descriptive style that will have you feeling as though you are truly a part of the all the action as it unfolds.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Suzie Housley


From the moment Lilly Winghamton first laid eyes on Jebediah Knight, she was mesmerized by his strong rugged features. Being a widow, Lilly is torn between being faithful to her deceased husband's memory or turning her dreams of passion with Jed into a reality.

Jebediah Knight is Arizona’s territory Marshall. He has always prided himself on putting his job first. When he arrived in Arizona City, he never anticipated that he would be contemplating mixing business with pleasure.

With Jeb staying at Lilly’s home, it brings the two of them closer together. He admires her courage and beauty. Lilly fears if she gives her heart to a Marshall his job will one day make her a widow once again. Is she willing to risk her heart to be able to take a chance on love? Or will Jeb ride out of Arizona City once his business is finished? Can two wayward hearts be able to find love in the Wild West?

Patricia Pellicane's HEAT WAVE is one exceptional western romance! The detailed description of each passage paints a vivid picture that enables the story to come alive. I was so impressed with Jeb and Lilly; it shows how circumstances bring two people together to find the love that they so richly deserve.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Suzie Housley


November 10th, 2010
Heat Flash by Patricia Pellicane

Arizona Heat Book One
Publisher: Resplendence
Genre: Historical Romance, Western/Cowboy

Review Copy Received from Publisher


Jack Knight has hired out his gun before, but never had a job come to mean so much. Lavinnia Carson was a beauty. He knew that at first glance, but he’d known his share of beautiful women. What was it about this lady that proved her different, that clouded his mind and caused him a constant ache to join her in her bed? One taste should have satisfied, only it hadn’t.

Jack soon came to realize she was the only woman for him. Now all he had to do was convince her she felt much the same about him and do it before the madman who killed her husband returned to finish what he?d started.

Shelly’s Review:

Heat Flash is filled with a whole lot of heat and a big bunch of sexy!

One hot cowboy bodyguard, guarding one sexy widow, makes for one rollicking good time. Jack thinks he’s in charge, but Vinnie isn’t about to let him tell her what to do…unless it comes along with a few mouth-watering kisses and sensual touches. Vinnie hates Jack, but when he touches her, she loses herself in his hot lovin’. Oh well, she’ll hate him again…later.

This is one sexy western romance. You may end up with a little Heat Flash of your very own when you read it (lol)! Oh yes, there’s nothing like a romance with a sexy cowboy and some erotic love…The story is well-written and the characters are at times mesmerizing. The depth of the story will keep you sitting on the edge of your seat.

Heat Flash is the perfect romantic read for a cold winter’s day. Don’t let this one pass you by…it’s the first book in the Arizona Heat series!

Rated 5 Delightful Divas by Shelly!

Arizona Heat series
Book 1 - Heat Flash
Book 2 - Heat Wave

Book Two in the Arizona Heat series
July 14, 2010
Resplendence Publishing
66 Pages
Historical Romance, Western
Rating: 4 Cups

Lilly Winghamton finds Jeb gentle and quiet, yet he is the type of man who does what he pleases. After losing a husband, she tries not to give in to any emotion but once Jeb wraps her in his arms, she is completely lost.

Jebediah Knight is in the business of law. As the Marshal of Arizona’s territory, his mission was to arrive in Arizona City, take care of business then leave to the next job. He never dreamed a woman named Lilly would steal his heart.

Jeb has a job to do, but staying at Lilly’s place detours him just a wee bit as he finds himself being drawn to the sassy woman. He has always had a thing for bold, sassy women. Lilly finds it pure madness how her body craves for Jeb. As hard as she tries to maintain her distance, she craves him more. Once his job is over and Jeb has the bad guy behind bars, Lilly knows he will be gone. She hates the thought of finding love then possibly becoming a widow again. Being a Marshal is dangerous. Can two hearts find a lasting inner peace in an untamed west?

I think what I like most about his story is the fact Lilly and Jeb are presented as real-life people that the audience can relate. They have problems and work it out through an open, and understanding, relationship to make their romance bud into something special. I also like the way Patricia Pellicane fashions the appearance of the characters. Everything is visual enough so the reader can get a good feel for the thrilling ride that Heat Wave delivers. The sexual chemistry is certainly hot; and Jeb and Lilly know how to definitely produce some electric shock to keep the flames burning.

Warning: *Adult situations, graphic language and strong sexual content.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More


Then Came Love by Patricia Pellicane

Publisher: Total-E-Bound Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Romance


Could they survive the pain only those who love deeply can know?

She hated him beyond measure. After a year of torturous separation her feelings had only grown in strength. When would he leave? She couldn’t allow him to know her most carefully guarded secret. She couldn’t allow him to ever know.

He was tired of waiting for her to come to her senses, to return to him, to realise she’d made a mistake. She was the love of his life, he was taking what she refused to give. Fight him or not, she was his and was always going to be only his.

Shelly's Review:

Then Came Love is an excellent read. It's sexy, romantic and very hot!

Jackie dumped Rick the day before their wedding and now, a year later, Rick wants her back. He's gone through women like candy and knows he shouldn't have let Jackie get away. He follows her on her date and gives her an erotic encounter to remember. Things only get better from here.

The sex is hot, but Jackie knows he'll hate her tomorrow, so she enjoys it while she can. Rick soon discovers that something is very different and explodes with anger. From this point on, you'll see things calm down as Ms. Pellicane gives us romantic and tenderness as she shows us a new closeness between Jackie and Rick.

This book is quite enjoyable and Patricia Pellicane wraps it up with an adorably sexy ending. I haven't read one of her books in a while, so Then Came Love was the perfect way to rediscover a great author!

Rated 5 Delightful Divas by Shelly!


Review of Tell Me You Love Me
eBook: $6.98


Review Date 6-29-2010

Night Owl Reviews

ISBN: 978-0-85715-146-9

Author: Patricia Pellicane

Genre: Spicy Romance, Historical Romance Reviewed by: Heathermh

Tell Me You Love Me is a good and interesting read. I find the idea about Matthew being introduced as her bodyguard a really great way of bring the characters together. I found the story wonderful and interesting. I would very much like to read more of Ms. Pellicane's stories.

To Save Emmy

Reviewer Score: (4 out of 5)

Night Owl Reviews

Review Date:
Mar 26, 2010

ISBN: 978-0-85715-032-5


Print Book Price:

E-Book Price: $4.36

Release Date:

To Save Emmy

Author(s): Patricia Pellicane
Genre(s): Spicy Romance, Historical

What a great story!

In this brief historical, we are given the story of two best friends that discover there is more than friendship between them. Pellicane does an excellent job with characters Nick and Emmy. Emily has always liked Nick. He started as her brothers friend and soon became her own best friend and confident. Fed up with society's restraints, Emmy has decided that she will take a lover. When she discuses her plan with Nick he is properly horrified. He has always thought of Emmy as a lady and now she was proposing to do something risqué. It doesn’t help that she gives the name of a rake for her potential lover.

Nick weasels out the time and date of the meeting and slips in place of the mystery lover hoping to change Emmy's mind. From there the two discover more than passion.

It was really great reading about these two. The dialogue had me chuckling out loud. It isn’t often that a classic historical can retain my attention as this one did. This is an excellent novella and well worth the read.



Patricia Pellicane

by Hannah, Bitten by Books

Sophie has a psychic ability that has become quite useful for her brother-in-law. Jake is a detective for the Suffolk County Police Department. He investigates missing children. She has been a valuable part of all of his investigations. Each time he finds an item belonging to the child, he brings it to Sophie. She is able to see, through visions, the events that have taken place as a result of a kidnapping. Unfortunately, most of these experiences have been very traumatic for Sophie. Today is no different — another child murdered.

Jake’s partner, Joe, was once Sophie’s boyfriend as a young teenager. Joe is well-known for being quite the player. Seeing Sophie during the investigation sparks a new-found interest for Joe. He is determined to make Sophie give him another chance. His persistence wins him a one night, no strings attached proposition. Joe is confused to be on the other side of the playing field. Sophie’s offer turns out to be one experience that neither one of them will ever forget.

Patricia Pellicane’s “Sophie’s Pleasure” is a smooth, playful, pleasing novella. Pellicane offers a nice combination of drama, emotional conflicts, and a whole lot of spice in one neat little package.


The Best Present Ever by Patricia Pellicane



ISBN: 978-0-85715-002-8

Reviewed by Tanya 

Chatting with Joyfully Reviewed

Elizabeth has left her home and what is left of her family to come and teach school in a remote western town. When she arrives she finds the schoolhouse and her quarters in deplorable conditions. So since she was hired by the mayor she goes to find him and get things straightened out. She is stunned to realize his office is in the local saloon. When she shows up Mayor Zachary will make more than one mistake about her identity at their first encounter. The one thing that will stick with him is that he can’t seem to forget Elizabeth.

Has Elizabeth met her match in the determination of Zach? More importantly will she forgive him for his first impress and actions?

The Best Present Ever is a fast and fun read about the post-Civil War west. I thoroughly enjoyed how the author was able to make the characters have a fast paced and spunky dialogue. One of my favorite scenes was when Zach is confronted about the location of his office later in the book, I laughed out loud at that one. Ms. Pellicane was a new author for me and now she will be one that I will seek out. If you like your historical with a little more spice than normal, you will want to make sure to purchase The Best Present Ever.

Sophie’s Pleasure

Sophie’s Pleasure by Patricia Pellicane
Contemporary with paranormal elements
Heat level – Total-e-burning
4 sighs

Patricia Pellicane gives us an all around great book.

Sophie’s pleasure isn’t working for the police on missing persons cases. That is just what she does as a good psychic doing her duty. It’s the handsome and determined police detective she’s been friends with forever, and even dated for a bit. Thinking she isn’t ready for him, she turns down his advances, instead suggesting they have a one night stand. That is where things really heat up.
This book gave me premature hot flashes. The love scenes smolder, and the banter between Sophie and Joe is great. You really feel like they’ve known each other for a long time.

All in all, a fantastic book, and I give it 4 sighs
Danica Malone


Night Owl Reviews

The Best Present Ever

Reviewer Score:
(4 out of 5)

Review Date:
Jan 16, 2010

ISBN: 978-0-85715-002-8


Print Book Price: $4.36

E-Book Price:

Release Date:

Out Now

The Best Present Ever

Author(s): Patricia Pellicane

Genre(s): Spicy - A Night Owl Romance Review, Historical, Western Elements

Excited about her teaching position, Elizabeth Pennyworth arrives early and is dismayed to find her schoolhouse and living quarters uninhabitable. Determined to give the mayor a piece of her mind, she storms into his office located in the back of a saloon. When he shows up, though, he gets more than a piece of her mind.

Zachary Bond goes into his office and is thrilled to see a beautiful woman standing there. Without giving her a chance to speak he starts to seduce who he assumes is a new girl for the saloon. Both are overcome with desire and lust, and when his mystery lady recovers her senses, she streaks out of his office. Who was she?

When the two meet up again in the local diner, Elizabeth is indignant and Zachary intrigued. Who knew a schoolmarm could look like her? Determined to win her over despite their first encounter, he doesn’t have to fight too hard since Elizabeth can’t seem to resist her own nature.

This was a sweet but steamy read. Not familiar with her own carnal nature, Elizabeth is a delight to Zach. Everything was new and wonderful and he overcame his own jaded views to realize there could be more than lust between a man and woman. With a little drama thrown in this was a romantic read I would recommend to anyone.



The Cove by Patricia Pellicane

By emilyh on Oct 12, 2009

Meg Matthews embraces an opportunity to give her sad life a chance of happiness if only for one day.
About the Book:

Genre: contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-907280-11-5
Page Count: Quick Read
Price: $2.87
Reviewer: Emily
Sensuality Rating: Sizzling
Star Rating: 4 Stars
Filed Under:


September 2009

Total-e-bound Publication
Greg Hunter sits quietly in the cove watching a beautiful woman emerge from the depths of the water. Entranced, he approaches her.Meg Matthews is an innocent young woman who has come from a life of ill-treatment at the hands of her uncle. Curious about the stranger, she is mesmerized by the pleasures he is offering to her. Hiding her identity, she disappears after a wondrous day with Greg in the cove and returns for one last time to her uncle’s home for she has a plan to runaway.Fate has a mysterious way of intervening.

Patricia Pellicane writes with a descriptive visual flow, you can almost see the characters jump off the paper. A passionate story that ends too quickly, you are left wanting more.I was enraptured by this short story, it had a slight gothic feel to it that enhanced the enjoyment of the read.A must read for those who like a hint of mystery and a sizzling romance.


The Cove by Patricia Pellicane reviewed by Charlotte Stein

The story’s about Meg, who up until we meet her has been mistreated by her Uncle and remains innocent to the ways of hot sexy time with menfolk. But that’s all about to change when a hunky stranger (and believe me, he’s hunk-tastic) comes across her in the cove of the title. Naturally he’s mesmerised, and just as naturally so is she, and then they proceed to explore each other over the course of an afternoon.

What I loved about this story is that despite all three chapters taking place over so short a time, the story never drags its feet over inconsequential detail. It keeps tight to the action (at times, the very sexy action), homing in on the here and now rather than wasting a load of time filling in Meg’s backstory- a trap it would be very easy to fall into, considering her nasty past.

Not only that, but Ms Pellicane seems to delight in language and rich imagery, so what the reader gets is plenty of action, plenty of steaminess, but also an almost dream-like feel to every scene, a feast for the senses that never-the-less keeps the couple’s relationship natural and unforced. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and am sure you will too.
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Copyright 2010 © Patricia Pellicane All Rights Reserved